Chicken Shish Kabob -                             $ 7.99
Minced chicken mixed with fresh herbs & spices 

Malai Chicken Kabob -                              $7.99
Boneless Chicken pieces marinated with thick cream and yogurt cooked in tandoor

Shrimp Kabob -                                         $8.99
Shrimp marinated in Indian seasonings, skewered and cooked over Char broiler

Kabob Roll -                                               $6.99
Chicken tikka or Paneer rolled in Naan with green sauce and onion

Chicken Tikka -                                          $7.99
Boneless chicken pieces marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger and special seasoning

Chicken Tikka Platter -                             $8.99
Samples of each Chicken Tikka and Saffron Tikka

Beef Tikka  (depends on availability)     $8.99
Tender cut of Beef, marinated in our special seasonings, skewered and broiled over an open fire

Tandoori Chicken -                                    $7.99
Boneless Chicken pieces marinated with Saffron & cardamom cooked in tandoor

Chatpata Chicken -                                     $7.99
Boneless Chicken pieces marinated with Achari Masala cooked in tandoor

Chicken Korma -                                          $6.99
Chicken with bones cooked with Korma Ingredients

Chicken Tikka Masala -                               $6.99
Boneless Chicken cooked with Korma Ingredients
Butter Chicken -                                           $6.99
Boneless Chicken cooked with butter and Korma Ingredients

Gobi Curry (veg) -                                        $5.99
Cauliflower with Korma Ingredients

Navrathan Korma (veg) -                            $5.99
Mixed Vegies and Paneer with Korma Ingredients

Bhindi Masala (veg) -                                  $5.99
Okra fried with Korma Ingredients

Daal of the Day (veg) -                                $4.99
Lentil Soup

Paneer Curry (veg) -                                    $5.99

Paneer cooked with Korma IngredientsType your paragraph here.

Chicken Wings (5 pcs)-                 $5.99

Chicken Wings (10 pcs)-               $9.99

Chicken Wings (15 pcs)-               $13.99

Chicken Wings (25 pcs)-               $22.99

Plain Tandoori Naan (veg)-                         $1.49

Garlic Tandoori Naan (veg)-                       $1.99

Paratha (2) (veg) -                                       $1.99

Chicken Biryani -                           $7.99
Basmati Rice cooked to perfection with Chicken and Biryani Ingredients

Goat Biryani -                                $10.99

Basmati Rice cooked to perfection with Goat with bones and Biryani Ingredients

Plain Rice (veg)-                            $2.99
Basmati Rice cooked to perfection 

Zeera Rice (veg)-                           $2.99
Basmati Rice with Cumin Seeds cooked to perfection  Type your paragraph here.

Served with Plain Rice and Naan

We are open 7 days a week 

 Lunch:  11:30 am to 2:30 pm 
  Dinner: 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Samosa (2) (veg) -                                          $2.99
Pastry filled with mixed Vegetables

Samosa Chaat (veg) -                                     $3.99
Vegetable Samosa with Yogurt & Chat Ingredients

Paapri Chaat (veg) -                                       $3.99
Paapri chips with Yogurt & Chat Ingredients

Bhel Puri (veg) -                                             $3.99
Puffed Rice with Pani Puri Ingredients

Pani Puri (veg) -                                             $4.99
Puffed Puris filled with Pani Puri Ingredients

Batata Vada  (veg) -                                      $3.99
Battered Curshed Potatoes deep fried

Pakora  (veg) -                                               $3.99
Sliced Onions battered and deep fried

Paneer 65 (veg) -                                          $5.99
Paneer Fried with Tandoori masala

Chicken 65 -                                                   $6.99
Chicken Breast Nuggets Fried with Tandoori masalaType your paragraph here.

Sizzling Grill and Hookah Lounge 

Bringing The Heat To Athens


​​​Sizzling Grill


Full Tray

Half Tray 


Per Person 

Call for a free estimate

​​​Snacks & Appetizers




Chai                                                                              $1.49

Special Chai                                                                 $1.99

Bru Coffee                                                                    $1.99

Nescafe Coffee                                                             $1.99

Sweet Lassi                                                                  $1.99

Salty Lassi                                                                    $1.99

Mango Lassi                                                                 $2.99

Mango Juice                                                                 $1.99

Lychee Juice                                                                 $1.99

Lime Juice                                                                     $1.99

Laziza                                                                            $1.99

Bavaria                                                                          $1.99

Barbican                                                                        $1.99

Pakola                                                                            $1.49

Coconut Water                                                              $1.49

Yogurt Drink Regular                                                   $2.29

Yogurt Drink Mint                                                         $2.29

Bottled Water                                                                $1.49

Fountain Drinks (Free Refills)                                     $1.99

Gulab Jamun                                    $3.99

Ras Malai                                          $3.99

Kulfi Ice Cream                                $1.99

Baklava                                             $1.99

Kunafa                                              $2.99

Served with Plain Rice