​​It is a complete grocery store with all ethnic spices, lentils, pulses, rices, vegetables are available in our store. The spices are used to flavor the food, making each dish distinct and wonderfully aromatic. Each spice by itself imparts a very unique flavor, but when used together with other spices, the combination and permutation of different ones magically change the individual characteristics. Spices are also used for health benefits and medicinal purposes, to prevent diseases and also to preserve food.

Here only listed about the few basic spices required to start an Indian spice cabin. There are many more, and some of them might be used only sparingly. The spices are also region specific; some spices which may be very popular in the northern regions of India might not be used as much in the southern regions and vice versa.

What we have here is a general spread, used by all in every state. Well almost! These spices readily available in our grocery store. Visit our grocery store and browse through the aisles to find the uncommon and authentic spices.


Our Grocery Store

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